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Cancellation Policy

At Remedy, we value your time and the time of our staff. We are humans, who have emergencies, and illness, and bad mental health days. Sometimes, we all have unforeseen needs to cancel. We are empathetic, understanding and as lax as we can afford to be.

So, if we are the cause of a last-minute (within 2 hours) cancellation and you are willing/able to reschedule, we will give you 20% off your next (non-club member) service with that therapist as an apology for the inconvenience if you mention this to us at booking.

We do have a strict cancellation policy regarding last-minute cancellations and especially no call/no shows, but rather than the typical 24 hour notice, we allow cancellations up to 6 hours prior to your appointment.

 Deposits, Club Membership Subscriptions, and Prepayments are NON-REFUNDABLE.  For any appointment scheduled, if you cancel within 6 hours prior to your appointment, we do charge 50% the entire cost of your appointment. If you No Call/No Show for your appointment, you will be charged 100% of the total price of your appointment. You will not receive a credit on file if you fall under those categories of last-minute cancellations. However, if you do cancel before the 6-hour minimum required notification, you will maintain the full prepaid credit on file. This rule is still applicable if you come in with Covid or Cold Symptoms, are inappropriate or confrontational, or any reason we might have to cancel your last minute (within 6 hours of your appointment). We reserve the right to turn down clients any time we are uncomfortable or feel our safety is at risk. 

If you no-call/no-show and block the charge of your cancellation fee you will be immediately banned from our location. 



Turnover in our industry is high because the work is physical, the time for travel, set up, and check-out are not compensated financially and the risk that comes with losing a client is high. We are only physically capable of doing a set number of services a day and if someone cancels, we don't have the ability to immediately replace that spot with another paying customer. Cutting a huge chunk out of our therapist's anticipated income. 

We have this strict cancellation policy to protect our contractors, and they keep the full 50%. Great therapists are hard to come by, and we pay ours well (above average for the region) to maintain fantastic service providers and assure that they are compensated for mental, physical and emotional energy it takes to care for others. 

We also are very strict about following the laws and health regulations and responsibilities that come with your licenses. We are medical professionals and do not provide illegal or unethical services. Period.

We hope that you will understand our policy and why we don't make exceptions. We also hope you will not dispute, block or deny this payment, as we give ample warning about this policy and require you agree before completing your appointment booking. If you do, you will be banned from our location, we will invoice you and eventually report the theft, should we not receive payment. When you do any of those things, our small business is at risk.

Thank you.

Chantal, Remedy's Owner.

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