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Remedy Spa Accessibility and Inclusivity

At Remedy Spa, it is important to us that we are as accessible and inclusive as we can be for all of our clients. So, as we grow in both understanding and in our ability to provide accommodations, feel free to make suggestions, and please be patient with us as we learn. That being said, our facility is a judgment-free zone, and so long as our staff is treated with respect and feels safe, we accept any and all human beings for treatment, so long as it is safe for them to receive.


Remedy Spa is Handicap accessible with marked parking and easy access into the facility. The door is not automatic and when you arrive, you can call us and we will open the door for you. 


  • Our hallways and doorways are wide with a larger bathroom, lower sink, water fountain, and large treatment rooms. 

  • We do not have pullies to help with hoisting onto the table (though we hope to eventually), but our therapists are happy to assist with any devices you bring to help with your transfer. 


Appointments, questions, and concerns can be communicated via e-mail, phone call, or text. 


Music, sound, and light are all adjustable for your needs. 

Each one of our massage therapists has a medical license, if there is anything they are not comfortable working with for lack of understanding, experience, or education, we will do our best to refer you to another professional that may be a better fit for your needs. We will never work outside of our scope of practice, and we are not too proud to admit when we don't know something.

Our inclusivity policy is strict, and our contractors and employees are picked with their open-mindedness, empathy, and compassion in mind. However, if you ever experience discrimination or discomfort in any way, please contact the owner of the spa, Chantal, immediately at 850-559-9226.



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