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At Remedy Spa we take Covid-19 very seriously. We are following all guidelines made by the Florida Board of Health and the Florida Board of Massage Therapy. Below are a few of the precautions taken to ensure your safety and the safety of our staff. 

-As of 3/23/22 clients are no longer required to wear masks. This will change if our regions infection numbers and risk increase.  If you are not vaccinated or have recent antibodies, we hope that you will, respectfully, wear a mask for the sake of our staff who are vaccinated and very cautious. We will not be requiring proof of vaccination. We did wait until the Florida Board of Health and DBPR recommended removing mask requirements, however we don't feel that it is safe for staff to also participate.

  • We pad 30 minutes between each client to assure sanitation is thorough.

  • All surfaces, utensils, linens, etc will be either sanitized between appointments or completely replaced with a new and clean one. 

  • We will reject any client with Covid symptoms.

We do understand that opinions do vary, and while we respect everyone's right to choose what is right for themselves and their bodies, we have an obligation, as a medical facility, to put all clients and staff safety first, regardless of our own personal beliefs. We will continue to assess and update our covid plan as supporting, scientific information becomes available, applicable to the medical community, and as it applies to our own staff's health history/needs. We do have the right to refuse service if clients do not wish to comply for Covid reasons or any reason that a provider deems necessary. Outside of discrimination, Remedy Spa lends support to each therapist/provider making the best decisions for their comfort and safety. 

With or without a pandemic, we take sanitation/cleanliness seriously.

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